We strive for Quality at Jaypee Hospital

At Jaypee hospital our goal is to deliver services that satisfy the patient and provide healthcare in safe environment. We have been consistently achieving customer satisfaction index above 82% in both the IPD and OPD areas. The preventive healthcare programme has also attained 85% and above customer satisfaction. The Patient Welfare Department collaborates with the patient and family to ameliorate patientcare and experience both in the hospital and at home.

Hospital top management leads by example and our Director & CEO, Dr. Manoj Luthra, has always believed in “Safety isn’t expensive. It is priceless”. To reiterate and strengthen the safety culture, the AHRQ Safety culture tool is used to evaluate the culture of safety in the hospital.

Accreditation is the cornerstone of quality assurance in our hospital. With NABH for hospital and blood bank and NABL for Laboratory services, our commitment to excellence, adherence to rigorous standards, and continuous improvement in healthcare services are attended to diligently.

With an increase in ICU bed utilization to 75-80% , our intensive care teams limited the re-intubation rate to 3.1% .Our radiology department performs over 9000 radiological investigations and endeavors to keep the reporting errors to a low of 0.1%.

We aspire and work to give the best patient management at Jaypee hospital with the return to emergency within 72 hours of any patient at less than 0.44%. The average length of stay in the hospital is 4.6 days. The diagnostic services are the back bone of our hospital and consistently work with the clinicians to serve better in patient care. The correlation between the histopathological findings and clinical diagnosis has an accuracy of 99%.

It is very aptly said that “Infection prevention and control begins with awareness and action”. At Jaypee hospital , conduct regular training for infection control and other nursing practices to continuous enhance and upgrade the knowledge and technical skills of the Healthcare workers. In this attempt, the device associated infections have remained below the international benchmarks. Our nursing team diligently works to keep the hematoma and phlebitis rates below 1%.

At Jaypee Hospital, we foster a familial atmosphere, prioritizing patient care and employee well-being. Ensuring the safety of our employees is paramount to maintaining a healthy workplace ecosystem. Over 95% of our staff have received the Hepatitis B vaccination.

Keeping the spirit of the World Patient Safety Day 2023 slogan "Elevate the Voice of Patients.”, we will continue serving our patients with their and their families engagement with passion, care and safety.