Being one of the top most non-communicable disease leading to morbid lifestyle in the whole world, hypertension is a disease that is vastly researched and fortunately an easily manageable disease. Our team of cardiologists and physicians make sure your pressures are under control with the right medications and prevent the complications associated with the disease.


India coming to get the name as the Diabetic hub of the world, hosts around 1 diabetic person in every 10 individuals. Diabetes is a disorder that is due to sedentary lifestyle and genetic susceptibility. Our skilled, extremely well trained diabetologists identify the type of your diabetes and manage it with the necessary treatment to help you control your sugars at the optimum level.

Obesity & Weight Management

Most people are ashamed of being overweight. This soon becomes a problem when obesity sets in. It is not just a cosmetic issue, now it is a disease which is a high risk factor for stroke, heart disease, osteoarthritis, hypertension, etc. Many have tried and failed at losing weight in the right way. Our team of expert doctors and dieticians ensure that your weight loss is gradual, optimal and yield desirable results that are long lasting.

High Cholesterol

The lifestyle choices adopted by this generation is a fairly dangerous one. Excess fat and carbohydrates in the diet are not good choices to make. Increased cholesterol levels mostly the VLDL leads to accumulation of fat substances that clog the main arteries of the heart and other parts leading to fatal outcomes. Our doctors have been on a constant mission to bring a healthier change in our patients with increasing good cholesterol and decreasing the VLDL. With the right medications and following the right lifestyle changes suggested by our doctors can bring a drastic health improvement among our patients.

Drug Overuse

Medication overuse is among the most common misuse problem in the medical field. This leads to increased levels of the drug in the blood leading to toxicity. Many patients are rushed to the emergency with vomiting, severe headache, comatose and even dead. Well-informed choices regarding the medications consumed are a vital aspect for a patient’s treatment. And here our doctors make sure our patients completely understand the problem patient is suffering and what is the solution. They make sure patients understand about the drug they take and its side effects so they realize drugs are to be taken only according to the needed dose.

Management of Anemia

Anaemia is a disorder where the oxygen carrying capacity of the patient is drastically reduced leading to easy fatigability, breathlessness, pallor, weakness. Having managed thousands of cases, our doctors are well trained in the management of anaemia and the method of prevention that is advised to our patients in preventing its recurrence. A balanced diet, adequate consumption of vital nutrients are the sole key to keep this disease at bay.

Animal Bites

According to WHO, 5 million people are bitted by snakes alone, every year leading to significant morbidity and mortality. Animal bites pose a major public health problem and the impacts depend on the type of animal, the bitten person and the accessibility to the right healthcare. When the patient is brought to our emergency at the earliest hour, with the right doctors to manage the issue such as ours, the chances of risk of mortality is significantly low.

Environmental Disease

Diseases under this spectrum are mostly attributed directly due to the environment such as stress, mental abuse, diet, exposure to toxins radiations, chemicals. Dealing with such wide risk factors requires a management team consisting of physicians, dieticians, psychiatrists, toxicologists which our hospital proudly showcases.

Preventive Health Check

Considering the pace of life in today’s world, people hardly have time for their health. With the proverb ‘’prevention is better than cure’’ we introduce once in 3(or 6) months preventive health check-up where we screen for the most common age-appropriate diseases affecting our patients. This helps the patients ready to take action against potentially morbid diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity, thyroid disease, liver disease, heart disease, renal diseases etc. With a few set of basic tests and integrated whole-day check-up, our doctors can get a broad overview of your health status.

Infectious Diseases Clinic

Our infectious disease clinic offers out patient care for accurately diagnosing and adequately treating Infections diseases including Tuberculosis, Malaria, Typhoid, Dengue, Pneumonia, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, Post-operative infections and others. From the most common infections, immunocompromised patient care, to diseases from the nook and corner of the world including Travel medicine, our doctors are well trained and specialized in infection care. With the right doctors and correct medications, mortality due to infection sees are drastic reduction.

Geriatrics Clinic

At an age which sees the most ill-health, maintaining good health through a comprehensive healthcare solution is a much needed entity. Here lies our expertise with Geriatrics management team that has primary care providers, consultants and specialists who focus on our old patients, helping them to stay physically active, providing a continnum of constant care and support for a healthier life and aging gracefully.

ART Clinic

A Anti-retroviral Therapy(ART) clinic is one of the unit in the hospital introduced with the aim of providing HIV/AIDS patients the needed care, treatment, support and counselling services for the vulnerable population in today’s growing rate of the disease. The unit provides counselling services in preventive measures and safe practices and creating general awareness in the public and patients alike in AIDS. Our infectious diseases specialists take extra care for the patients of HIV/AIDS in giving individual treatment care and monitoring.

Chronic Diseases

Any disease persisting over a significantly long period of time hampering the health of an individual comes under the spectrum of chronic disease. To name a few commonly noted ones are Asthma, Stroke, Cancer, Heart disease, obesity, Arthritis, COPD, many infections like AIDS, Hepatitis etc. Management of these diseases demands great commitment to care and treatment to which our doctors have dedicated their lives to serve our patients.


A department with the purpose of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of environmentally induced diseases. The department actively takes part in conducting training on environmental diseases and human toxicology, emphasising on vulnerable age groups – children. We at our department constantly update ourselves and publish documents on human health, chemical exposure including preventive strategies.

Lifestyle Counseling

Many people are leading their life without manifesting symptoms of any disease but they usually complain saying - ‘just not feeling well’. The underlying issue here is the nature of lifestyle they are leading. Our experts here address the situation by meeting our patients, discussing their current lifestyle and suggest practical, realistic and achievable modifications to improve their health. Appropriate advice is given depending on the patient’s ability to modify their diet, include exercise as a routine and make changes at their workplace to reduce stress.


We provide holistic medical care attending to all clinical and surgical extremities supported by latest diagnostics, high-end imaging facilities comprising 24×7 functional services like blood bank,radiology, laboratory, pharmacy and emergency. We adhere to long term comprehensive care for both common and complex illnesses well-supported by modern infrastructure, latest technology and state-of-the-art monitoring equipments.

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