Root Canal Treatment Single Visit

Endodontics have made the job of Root canal simpler safer and quicker. High-end Tech with advanced microscopes, digital x-rays, thermoplastic gutta percha and apex locators have made the frustrating, prolonged procedure obsolete. Now you can get a root canal finished in a single visit.

Dental Implants for Teeth Replacement

If you are missing one or more of your teeth, there are several options for its replacement. A durable, naturally imperceptible teeth replacement option with our dental implants provides you an alternate for a lifetime from our most experienced, skilled dental surgeons.

Smile Designing

Are you too conscious about your smile? Don’t like it much? Avoid posing for photos?
We have the right solution for you. Here at your cosmetic dentistry clinic we analyze, evaluate and treat your facial aesthetics with our multidisciplinary team of orthodontics, orthognathic surgery, periodontal therapy, cosmetic dentistry and plastic surgery to give you an aesthetically appealing and functionally sound smile design

Tooth Cleaning

Worried about not having white teeth? Give your teeth a crystal whiteness for a sparkling smile with our effective and safe power-bleaching procedure. Advanced teeth whitening technology with our special gel to guarantee you instant, dramatic, durable results.

Crown & Bridge

One of the most commonly done procedure for damaged or missed tooth replacements, this approach involves intentional damage to healthy teeth in order to support its defective neighbor. With a bridge across the teeth, we crown the bad teeth with an implant

Bleaching of Teeth (Zoom)

A single sitting procedure with our special gel to provide you with a dramatic crystal white set of teeth that is not only instant but durable for years.

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer ranks top three of all cancers accounting for more than 30 percent of cancers in the country. This has rapidly ascended to be a global health problem and initiative to screen for the same only makes it more prudent. At our clinic, we offer oral cancer screening where our skilled expert doctors will have a look at your oral cavity for potential threats, assess the risk factors and provide immediate management if they find any issue requiring major attention. With this, it has been possible to advert and prevent many cases of oral cancer.

Laminates and Veneers

Missing a tooth or chipped one by accident? Our Porcelain veneers can help you by Creating a life-like natural teeth Thin and strong Resist staining of the teeth. Last for more than two decades Now with our stain free composite/porcelain veneers you can restore lustre, retain sheen that stays for a lifetime.

Maxillofacial and Trauma Management

Trauma to the face is one of the most feared accidents not only for its lifetime scarring but due to its increased mortality rate as it involves the most vital structures – Brain, cervical spine, airways, eyes, nasal sinuses. With the advent of technology and use of superior drugs, it is now possible to prevent mortality and morbidity of maxillofacial trauma within the golden hour. With the skilled emergency department, we can ensure the patient’s life support and with our highly trained surgeons, we provide the highest correction for the trauma induced deformities.

Paediatric Dentistry

Children often face dental issues most often require oral hygiene counseling. Preventive home care, caries risk assessment, thumb pacifier habit prevention, diet counseling and growth and development of the teeth. Our skilled doctors also treat children with complex dental disorders. Your children deserve the time, skill and essential care that is needed for them. We are here to provide it.

Sleep Dentistry

Dental procedures are one of the most stressful, traumatic experience to the patient for which one can avoid visiting a dentist forever, leaving their oral cavity vulnerable to many diseases. With the use of superior drugs and medications, we are now able to provide a super-relaxing environment to the patients with which their dental experience will be pain-free, pleasant and safe.

DFull Mouth Rehabilitation

Many disorders of the tooth or trauma affect entire oral cavity leading to malocclusion, disorderly arranged teeth leading to disfigured face. With our complete mouth rehabilitation services, we offer the restoration of the functional integrity of the teeth providing you a smile worth having.

Correction of Misaligned Teeth without Braces

traditionally braces are used for the correction of misaligned teeth offering fantastic results. But the cosmetic appeal has been an all-time low for the duration of braces in a patient calling for a less ugly form of treatment. With the latest retainers, Herbst appliances, palatal expanders, Invisalign, our dentists can correct your misaligned teeth without braces providing you the same end result with lesser cosmetic issues.

Laser Dentistry

Technological advancements have taken the old dentistry to new heights with the laser dentistry which now offers highly specific, less damage, early recovery, pain-free procedures allowing the patient to rid of the anxiety and help them seek safety and comfort.


Digital OPG Machine provides high resolution maxillofacial images in various modes to provide accurate diagnosis with minimum radiation exposure to the patients to achieve precision in implant restoration and planned dental surgeries.

RVG Dental X-ray: The digital radiography sensors produce crystalclear images to give an instant access to the highest quality intra-oral images to make accurate diagnosis. Latest digital X-ray technology is used to provide a detailed image of the entire mouth with 80% less radiation than traditional film X-rays.

Sterilization: The Department follows strict sterilization protocols as per international standards. The flash sterilization procedure ensures fast, complete and effective infection control.

Minimally invasive surgery: Minimally Invasive Maxillofacial Surgery, first ever in India.

Laser therapy: Cutting edge Laser Dental Therapy with minimal blood loss.