The Clinic is well versed with state of the art technology and experienced team of neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuro-interventionist and cardiologists to treat the heart patients. It has a specially curated screening package that comprises the tests and examinations like Fasting blood sugar, Lipid profile, HbA1C, Serum homocysteine, ECG, ECHO, Neurologist consultation at a very affordable rate. The examination will be beneficial to identify the probability of stroke, by which the essential precautionary steps could be taken. The team at the clinic ensures, by its timely diagnosis and treatment, that the stroke does not become a life-threatening aspect of a patient’s life.

What is the Stroke?

A stroke is different from the heart attack. Both are caused by a blockage in one or more arteries. In the case of stroke, there is an intense pain of brain. The carotid arteries carry blood to the brain. The blocks in the artery cut the blood supply to the brain thereby resulting in an intense pain. This is a basic stroke. At the same time, when the blood vessels break, by which the blood spreads out is known as hemorrhagic stroke, which needs immediate surgery and significant treatment. Who Should Get Screened Or Tested?

Generally, an arise of slight intense indifferent pain in the brain, a patient should consult a doctor immediately. Following are the reasons for getting tested for a stroke:
How To Identify A Stroke?
A stroke could happen as fast as in 40 seconds time. Acting immediately could be saving and helpful to one’s life. The following symptoms at the time of stroke, will let one identify it easily and act appropriately.
Essential Treatment: The treatment for the blockage of an artery is either angioplasty or in severely critical condition, it is a bypass surgery. A blood vessel from another part of the body is attached to the blocked artery to enable a normal flow. Cardiac rehabilitation is observed post-treatment, wherein, a special diet and exercises are prescribed to the patient. A stroke could be prevented by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, avoidance of alcohol and smoking. Consuming less amount non-saturated fats is must to avoid harmful cholesterols blocking the arteries.