Oral Lichenplanus

What is Oral Lichenplanus?

Lichenplanus of the mouth is an autoimmune disorder. It has an inflammatory tendency and affects the mouth's mucous membranes. They could look as open sores or red and white lacy areas. These could result in pain, dryness, a burning feeling as they peel off, difficulty chewing food, and other discomforts.

These lesions can develop on the cheeks, lips, and inner tissue of the gums (the most common location). On the tongue, lichenplanus is a rare occurrence.

How frequent is oral lichenplanus?

Oral lichenplanus is extremely typical. It is unlikely that oral lichen planus, which manifests as white spots or thin lines, is connected to mouth cancer. However, there is a 0.03 percent possibility that lichenplanus will develop into oral cancer.

What medical procedure is ideal?

Since oral lichenplanus is a chronic disorder, it cannot be cured but can be controlled by treating the symptoms. Oral lichen planus can be controlled by making certain lifestyle adjustments, such as using mild toothpaste, lowering stress levels, and eating a healthy diet. For best care & treatment, always choose the best dentist.

Who is more prone to developing oral lichen planus?

Oral lichenplanus is more common in tobacco chewers, smokers, diabetics, and women who have recently gone through menopause.

Dr. Praveen Kumar
Associate Director
Department of Dental Surgery
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