Fetal medicine and Genetics

The Department of Fetal medicine & Genetics offers the most advance services for a women during her pregnancy and making a smooth journey. We have highly skilled and experienced specialists, in house with advance Ultrasound machine, Genetic counselling, Procedures to do the best services to give you better experience and advice regarding your fetal well being and problem aasociated with unborn baby. They will helpe you to take a decision regarding available treatment options and help you decide the treatment that best suits you and your baby.

Invasive procedures
  • Chorionic villus sampling
  • Fetal blood sampling
  • Genetic amniocentesis
  • Embryo reduction
  • Shunt procedure

There are instances where either the mother or her unborn baby may require specialized care for various reasons. Specialized care in fetal medicine becomes essential when the unborn baby presents abnormalities, or when the mother's medical conditions elevate the risk to the baby. We provide best comprehensive care for both mother and child.


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