Specialised Services

  • 4 Tier Triage System
  • Observation area
  • Heart Command
  • Trauma Centre & Operation Theatre
Emergency Medical Services

  • Air Evacuations
  • Evacuations
Each of our Air Or Surface Ambulance is Equipped with

  • Mobile Ventilator
  • Cardiac Monitor
  • Defibrillator
  • Oxygen Infusion Pump
  • Team of Trained Doctors Connected through Telemedicine & GPRS

Emergency ICU: Eight bedded emergency ICU ensures that no time is wasted in transferring the patient on ventilator support to the ICU’s.

  • Most advanced mechanical ventilators (invasive and noninvasive) with High Frequency
  • Oscillatory Ventilators (HFOV)
  • Advance Cardiac and Vital Monitoring Systems
  • Latest life resuscitative units for immediate life support
  • ECMO (Extra corporeal membrane oxygenation) for refractory respiratory or cardiac failure
  • Ultrasound guided central venous and arterial catheterization for hemodynamic monitoring
  • Portable ultrasonography for point of care assessment
  • Bedside Dialysis, Echocardiography and Plasmapheresis units

Triage: We have a five bed triage where the patients are prioritized according to the severity of the condition. This ensures that the patient with the most severe condition is given treatment first. Ambulance Command Center: Ambulance command center ensures that when a call is made on 1800-102-9-102, the emergency response system is immediately activated

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