Opting for Best Neurologist & Neurosurgeon in Noida

Neurological diseases are the disorders of the brain, spinal cord and the nerves emerging out to control the sensory and motor system of a human being. It is estimated that more than 29 million people in India suffer from one or the other neurological disorder yet only 65% of them seek medical recourse and more than 80% of them seek medical aid only at the last stage of the condition. Neurological disorders are like any other diseases, when detected early has a better prognosis than when diagnosed later. Early detection of neurological disorders requires special expertise which can be found in neuro specialists in Noida.

Neurological disorders commonly consist of headaches, migraine, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia, atypical pain in face lumps and Tumors of the brain. These conditions require active management and individual care from experts in the field. At Jaypee Hospital, we have the best neuro specialists in Noida with decades of experience in diagnosis, treatment and successful management of every neurological disorder.

Stroke is a common disease in patients with uncontrolled blood pressure and stressful lifestyle. It is one of the very few diseases having a golden hour, where time is everything. Within that period, a stroke can be completely reversed without any sequelae. Such life saving, quality preserving management is a reality at Jaypee Hospital. Our emergency departments are ever-ready to handle cases of acute stroke, quickly diagnose, actively intervene (medically or surgically) and try our maximum best to completely recover the patient from a stroke.

It is quite common to hear stories of a long standing mild headache turned out to be a brain tumor. With advanced imaging modalities and state-of-the art infrastructure, and comprehensive evaluation of a patient, our neuro doctors at Noida can rarely miss the diagnosis.

Some disorders of the brain require surgical intervention. Certain kinds of tumors, aneurysms in the blood vessels supplying the brain, head injury during trauma and accidents. Neurosurgery in these disorders are almost curative of the disease. Research in surgical methodologies and technological advancements have made neurosurgery safer and more successful. Thanks to the precision and exemplary surgical skills of neurosurgeons in Noida, today, the safety of neurosurgery is comparable to that of appendectomies.

Parkinson’s disease is a disorder affecting a person’s ability to move and talk, and is affected by constant tremors, stiffness of limbs and behavioural changes. Pharmacotherapy was the only treatment. At Jaypee Hospital, with the best neuro specialists in Noida, our neuro team has initiated advanced technology to treat Parkinson’s disease called as Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS). Selected cases of Parkinson’s disease find their tremors and motor difficulties almost disappearing with DBS therapy.

Acute ischemic stroke normally treated medically by thrombolysis if patient is in window period. Jaypee Hospital is one of the new centre where our neuro team is doing mechanical thrombectomy of clot in selected cases to increase the stroke symptoms.

Many advanced management modalities have come up in neurology. At Jaypee, it is our mission that every advancement in the healthcare must be made available to our citizens. We constantly adhere to bring in latest treatment options to our patients, so they won’t have to look father than Noida to seek the best possible care for any disease condition.