Know All About Digestive Health

Digestive system converts the food you consume into the nutrients the body needs. If you don't take care of the digestive system, the body can have trouble absorbing those crucial nutrients.

We should keep in mind that the things we eat and the way we live has a direct impact on our digestive health. Our digestive system can work more effectively by putting some good habits into practice, which will enhance our general health and sense of wellbeing.

Healthy habits for better digestive health:

  • Eat a high-fiber diet: The digestive system can be made healthier by eating a diet high in fibre such as healthy grains, vegetables, legumes, and fruits. You can also prevent or treat a number of digestive disorders with a high-fiber diet, including diverticulosis, haemorrhoids, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). It can also help in achieving or maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Avoid foods with a lot of fat: Fatty foods stay in your stomach for more time and cause symptoms of bloating, abdominal fullness, heartburn and constipation.
  • Opt for lean meats: Protein is an integral part of healthy diet. One should choose lean meats like fish, poultry rather than red meat.
  • Add probiotics to the diet: Probiotics are the same type of beneficial bacteria that are already found in the digestive system. They protect the body from the negative effects of stress, antibiotics, and bad food. Probiotics can improve nutrient absorption, aid in the breakdown of lactose, boost immunity, and aid in the treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and inflammatory Bowel Disease.
  • Eat regularly: Regularly eating meals and snacks can keep the digestive system in good condition. Try to have your meal regularly and avoid erratic meal timings like skipping meals or eating late night.
  • Maintain hydration: Water consumption is beneficial for the digestive system. Fiber draws water into the colon to make stools bulkier and softer and helping in smooth passage and evacuation from intestine.
  • Give up alcohol, excessive coffee, and smoking: Smoking, drinking, and using tobacco products have a negative effect on the digestive system and can cause problems like heartburn, stomach ulcers, liver and pancreatic diseases.
  • Regular exercise: Regular physical activity helps in intestine motility and keeps food flowing through and avoids constipation. You can improve the digestive health by exercising and keeping a healthy weight.
  • Manage stress: The digestive system can get overworked by excessive stress or anxiety. The mind and digestive system are wired immediately through the Gut-Brain axis. A calm and relaxed mind leads to a relaxed and smooth functioning of digestive tract. One should do yoga, meditation and adopt hobbies which makes happy and joyful.
Dr. Ashok Kumar
Department of Gastroenterology
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