Viral Fever: What Foods To Avoid To Reduce The Risk Of Illness

Eating nutrient-dense foods is useful especially when the patient have a fever. It is suggested to avoid the go-to comfort foods, as you may end up developing a distaste for them if you consume them when nauseated.


  • High fiber food like whole grain cereals & their products.
  • Whole pulses & pulses with husk.
  • All raw & strongly flavoured vegetables like cabbage, capsicum, turnip, raddish, onion, garlic, etc.
  • Fried & fatty food items such as pakora, ladoos, bhatura, samosa etc.
  • Chemical irritants such as condiments, spices, pickle, chutney.


  • Plenty of juices, soups, & beverages.
  • Milk & milk based beverages.
  • Low fiber foods such as refined cereals like maida, suji & their products, dehusked pulses, well cooked fruits, soft vegetables, & potatoes.
  • Plain gelatin based desserts, sugar, honey, & jam.
  • Egg, soft cheese, tender meat, fish, poultry, etc.


  • Preferably give soft & easily digestible food. Start with liquid diet & gradually progress with soft diet.
  • Milk & milk products can be given but in case of loose motion avoid milk. Use skimmed or toned milk instead of full cream or buffalo milk. Flavoured milk can also be given.
  • Avoid alcohol, & smoking.
Dr. Karuna Chaturvedi
Dietetics Department
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