Treatment Options For Blood Cancer

Blood cancer is a type of cancer that prevents blood cells from growing and functioning normally.This particular type of cancer begins in the bone marrow, which is essential for producing blood.

Your bone marrow is where stem cells mature and give rise to red blood cells, white blood cells, or platelets. Because an aberrant form of blood cell is growing when a person has cancer, the process of producing blood is disrupted.

The major goal is to stop or inhibit the growth of cancer cells while promoting the development of healthy blood cells. Chemotherapy is therefore utilised to get the desired result. However, chemotherapy is a laborious procedure that necessitates injecting intravenous medications. Due to the extensive nature of the treatment, some adverse effects are possible and blood or platelet transfusions may be required.

In spite of extensive treatment the cancer may not go away hence, gentle curative treatment from the best bone marrow transplant centre in Delhi NCR is advised for frail patients.

Stem cell transplant: Due to the high likelihood of relapse post-chemotherapy, this treatment may not provide a permanent cure for blood cancer. Relapse signifies that the issue might reappear in the future. When the cancer is under control after chemotherapy, stem cell transplant is typically administered. Here, the physician administers a high dose of chemotherapy, destroying any cancer cells that are either visible or not. The method encourages the generation of fresh blood by using healthy donor's blood stem cells. The blood stems are taken by the doctors from either peripheral blood or bone marrow or umbilical cord blood.

Radiation therapy: In many cases radiation therapy kills all cancer cells after which the stem cell transplant procedure can be done. High dose chemotherapy or radiation therapy before stem cell transplant is called conditioning regimen.

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