Micro-ear Surgery – Discharging Ear, Deafness, Vertigo, Facial Nerve Paralysis

Also known as Otologic Surgery, it involves surgical treatment of hearing disorders or any other disorders that concern the ear. The surgery is performed by special surgeons known as Otologists who use highly advanced microscopic instruments to conduct the surgery for discharging ear, deafness, vertigo, facial nerve paralysis, mastiodectomy etc.

Cochlear Implant, BAHA

The Bone Conduction Hearing Implants are surgical planted titanium devices, which is placed in the skull bone, to treat loss of hearing in adults and pediatric patients. The procedure involves using the body's natural ability to conduct sound through bone conduction and create an impact on hearing. This is a treatment procedure for people with single-sided deafness, conductive hearing loss, mixed hearing loss etc. These implants have an inbuilt sound-processor, and our expert physician assess and determine the apt implants for our patients.

Neuro-otology and Skull Base Surgery

This is a specialised domain of surgery where experienced surgeons use high definition instruments to reach the dark recesses of the head and neck for treatment of tumours, chronic ear-conditions like cholesteatoma, mastoiditis, hearing loss due to age, otosclerosis, autoimmune inner ear disease, vertigo and imbalance, vestibular neuritis and disorders of the ear and lateral skull base.

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

A surgical procedure used to remove blockages in the sinuses which can cause sinusitis. Sinusitis is a common condition where the blocked sinus membranes swell and cause pain, drainage and impaired breathing. This surgical procedure is a very minor process and takes a very short time for recovery. Purpose of the surgery is to improve airflow through the nose, reduce the infection and treat the symptoms associated with sinusitis. This procedures are carried out by expert surgeons who use specialized instruments that help in desired outcome and shorter hospital stay.

Minimally Invasive Sinus Surgery

Incidence of chronic sinusitis or the infection of the sinus is more prevalent than predicted. When pharmacotherapy fails, surgery is the cure. Open surgeries are now made obsolete with the advent of minimally invasive endoscopic sinus surgery which causes no discernible change to the look of a patient’s cosmetic appearance.

Microlaryngeal Surgery & Phonosurgery – For laryngeal & voice disorders

A part of our dedicated ENT care, Microlaryngeal Surgery & Phonosurgery is carried out to treat disorders of the larynx and voice. The surgery is carried out using microsurgical techniques and highly magnified view to treat disorders of voice nodules, cysts, polyps, granulomas, papillomatosis, scarring etc of the voice folds. Microlaryngeal Surgery is used to surgically treat Laryngeal Early cancers. The surgical team works with the speech pathologists or the voice-care team for complete treatment and rehabilitation of the patients.

Surgery for Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Currently the most annoying disease where people are becoming less tolerant is the snoring and more of a harm is the Sleep apnea. Procedures are now present for an excellent relief from both these sleep disorders performed by the most skilled surgeons include – Uvulopalatopharnygoplasty, Radiofrequency Volumetric Tissue Reduction (RFVTR), Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction, Genioglossus Advancement, Hyoid Suspension, Maxillomandibular osteotomy (MMO) and advancement (MMA) to name a few.

Microdebrider- assisted Adenoidectomy

Tonsils and adenoids can cause pain and discomfort when they become infected or obstruct normal breathing or nasal/sinus drainage. Recurring infections in the tonsils can lead to chronic tonsillitis. Enlarged tonsils are a common problem especially among children. At Jaypee we use conventional technique to conduct safe removal of tonsils.

Microdebrider- assisted Adenoidectomy is an endoscopic procedure conducted with high-end instruments to achieve accurate results.

Neck Surgeries like Surgery of Thyroid Gland, Parotid Gland, and Sub-Mandibular Gland

Thyroplasty Surgery is used to treat disorders of the thyroid gland like cancers or any infections that affect the voice. It involves cutting and reshaping thyroid cartilage to improve voice quality and breathing problems that can arise due to paralysis of vocal folds, spasmodicdysphonias or puberophoni. Surgery of the Parotid gland (one major component of salivary glands) is conducted to treat benign or malignant tumours. The procedure to remove the parotid gland is called Parotidectomy. Surgery of the Sub-Mandibular Gland is conducted when in cases of recurring infections of the gland that can cause swelling, pain and discomfort. These surgeries are conducted by our ENT specialists who use microscopic and advanced instruments to conduct the procedures with minimal invasion for better outcomes and faster recovery.

All Pediatric ENT surgeries

Our little patients are very special and the pediatric ENT specialists are a team of surgeons, physicians, nurses and assistants who are experts in pediatric treatments and work with a lot of compassion and patience with the children who have are detected with ear, nose and throat conditions. Advanced techniques are used for investigation and assessment of the patients. Specialist check airway conditions and use airway balloon dilation and airway reconstructions for treatment.

Audiological Assessment And Rehabilitation

The division provides aural rehabilitation and support services for hearing impaired and tinnitus patients. Services include hearing evaluations & assessment, speech audiometry, industrial audiometric screening programs, ototoxic monitoring via audiometry. It is a multi-disciplinary team of Audiologists and ENT experts. Hearing rehabilitation includes hearing implants alongwith routine follow-up care, counseling, aid evaluation, maintenance and repair and a complete hearing rehab.

Speech Assessment and Therapy

The Speech Assessment and Therapy team provides diagnostic services, assessment and therapeutic rehabilitation for all speech and language disorders in adults and children. We use standardized testing tools and well-established therapy techniques carried out by the experienced Speech Language Pathologists. Speech disorders include articulation of speech sounds, dysfluent speech/stammering or these disorders can occur as a conjunct symptom of any neurological disorders like dysarthria, apraxia, cerebral palsy, brain stroke or any surgical treatment like removal of tongue or larynx etc.


Surgical Microscope

  • S7 microscope from Zeiss offers apochromatic optics, bright illumination and an integrated SD camera
  • Vario 700 microscope from Zeiss provides high end optics, xenon illumination and integrated video system for micro-ear surgeries and phonosurgery
  • Pentero 900 microscope from Zeiss offers brilliant visualisation, razorsharp video images in full HD quality touch screen, observational tube and excellent stereoscopic control for neuro-otology and skullbase surgeries
  • OPMI Pico microscope from Zeiss for performing simple outpatient procedures

Triple Endoscopy (from Karl Storz): An advanced endoscopy system with high quality, superior performance through HD video camera and monitor

Microdebrider (from Bien Air): A powered surgical tool that allows greater surgical precision and faster surgeries with decreased bleeding and a better visualised surgical field

Audiology (from GSI): Audiometer to carry out Pure Tone Audiometry, Speech Audiometry and Impedance Audiometry for accurate assessment of hearing loss. In addition, we also have advanced audiological equipments to carry out OAE, BERA and ASSR

Speech Therapy: We provide comprehensive speech services as well as detailed diagnostic evaluation by trained specialists to offer speech and/or language intervention, cochlear implant and auditory rehabilitation