Clinical Biochemistry

Department of clinical biochemistry provides quantitative and qualitative analysis of body fluids – blood, plasma, serum, urine, biopsy specimen for chemical constituents enabling our doctors to diagnose and treat those diseases affecting the patients. Engagement of staff not only in routine evaluation process but also in applied research and invention of new laboratory tests makes us stand apart from the rest.


This department deals with the diagnosis and management of various blood disorders. Specialists working here are internationally recognized in the field of blood disorders. Along with this, a major role played by the department is in the procurement, management and dispense of blood products – Whole blood, Plasma and platelets to all the patients in need for various indications throughout the hospital and community.

Histopathology and Cytology

The department of pathology consists of two broad areas – Histopathology and Cytology. Biological specimens are collected from the patients including body fluids, tissues, biopsies and are evaluated to study the cells, tissues and abnormal components causing the suspected disease entity. Our team of expert pathologists are equipped with state of the art, high-end cutting edge technology and machinery to deliver accurate timely results for our patients.

Clinical Pathology

This unique branch is a bridge between preclinical and clinical departments which supports the diagnosis of diseases using laboratory testing of collected body specimens such as blood, urine, stool, tissues and identification of specific cells. Our board certified pathologists provide results in efficient thoughtful manner to aid in the treatment of our patients.


Department of microbiology has an expertise in all areas of conventional and molecular microbiology. The cutting-edge diagnostic tests and laboratory equipment enable our doctors to diagnose various infectious etiologies affecting our patients and initiate treatment within the crucial time frame.


Serology lab analyzes specimens collected from the patient for diseases of public health significance. A serology blood test is performed to detect and measure the levels of antibodies as a result of exposure to any particular bacteria or virus. Titer levels of such evaluated specimens help our physicians determine whether the infection is an acute or a chronic one.


Fully equipped Operation Theatres customized for transplant surgeries. State-of-the-Art Intensive Care Units dedicated for transplant patients Facility for swift transport of cadaver organs,Blood bank facilities, Advanced Laboratory facilities, Diagnostic and Radiology facilities which include (dual energy) 256 Slice CT scanners, 3Tesla MRI machines, high-end Ultrasound facilities. State- of- the- art CATH Lab for intervention radiology procedures Isolated ICU and wards for transplant patients to minimize infections. Dedicated well- trained staff for both pre-operative and postoperative care

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