Prevent Heart Disease And Stroke

Know your risk: Certain factors, such as smoking, renal disease, or a family history of early heart disease, can raise your risk. Your healthcare team and you can decide on the best course of action for you if you are aware of your risk factors. Changes in lifestyle can reduce or eliminate several risk factors.

Adopt a balanced diet: Vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts, plant-based proteins, lean animal proteins, and fish should be the mainstays of your diet. Make prudent choices, such as staying away from processed meats, refined carbohydrates, and beverages with added sugar. Reduce sodium, added sugars, and saturated fats by using the nutrition facts label on packaged foods, and stay away from trans fat.

Be active physically: One of the best strategies to keep healthy, ward off disease, and age well is to move more. Adults should engage in 75 minutes of strenuous exercise or 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week. If you're already active, you can work harder to get even greater rewards. Start becoming more active if you aren't already by standing up more often.

Be aware of your weight: Maintain an appropriate weight for you. If you are obese or overweight, lose weight. Cut back on your caloric intake and up your exercise.

Live without tobacco: A tobacco product that is safe to use does not exist. If giving up tobacco or smoking is difficult for you, enlist the support of your team to help you break the habit using tried-and-true techniques. Don't simply switch from one supply of tobacco to another. Also, make an effort not to smoke around others.

Manage condition: It's crucial to cooperate with your healthcare team and make lifestyle changes if you have high blood pressure (hypertension), high cholesterol(LDL), high blood sugar(diabetes) or other illnesses that put you at higher risk. By improving one's diet, being more active, dropping weight, and stopping smoking, one can prevent or manage a variety of illnesses.

Dr. Sunil Sofat
Department of Interventional Cardiology & Electrophysiology/RF Ablation & Cardiac Pacing
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