Signs That May Help Detect The Alzheimer’s Disease In Early Stages

What is Alzheimer's Disease?

Alzheimer's is a disease that that gradually destroys memory and thinking skills and, eventually, the ability to carry out the simplest tasks.

What are the signs that may help detect the Alzheimer’s Disease in early stages

  • Difficulties with planning or problem-solving – A patient may find it difficult to work with numbers or adhere to any plan.
  • Having trouble finishing normal chores - Alzheimer's patients frequently struggle to finish mundane tasks like remembering crucial dates and events, addresses, or even people's names.
  • Difficulties with time or place – People with Alzheimer's can become confused with seasons, dates, and the passing of time. They could lose track of their origins and current location.
  • Word issues in writing or speaking that are new – people with Alzheimer's may find it difficult to follow or participate in a discussion.
  • Forgetting routes -Losing the capacity to retrace one's steps and misplacing objects can cause objects to be placed in peculiar locations suggests the neurologist in Noida. They can misplace items and not be able to go back and find them.
  • Poor decisions – people with Alzheimer's can exhibit changes in judgement or decision-making, particularly when it comes to handling financial matters.
  • Withdrawal from job or social activities – An individual with Alzheimer's disease may start to cut back on their interests and involvement in social situations.
  • Mood and personality changes - People with Alzheimer's may experience changes in their mood and personalities, such as being confused, suspicious, melancholic, scared, worried, or easily irritated.
Dr. Manish Gupta
Associate Director
Department of Neurology
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