Fitness Tips For Working Women

Now-a-days women handle both home and a career in tandem. Keeping a balance between personal and professional life under these circumstances is essential as fitness isn’t easy for working women.

  • Stay active: Make sure you don’t stick to your seat for too long, make it a habit to take a break every hour for a few minutes suggests the best physiotherapist in Delhi NCR
  • Right posture: It is important that you sit in the most comfortable manner in a right chair. Besides, one must ascertain that you sit upright to keep back, neck and shoulder aches at bay
  • Stretch: Do easy stretches (for the neck,shoulders, arms and legs) that you can do in your office. Stretches are very important to bring energy into tired muscles
  • Exercise: According to your own convenience, create your exercise pattern. The goal should be to maintain a healthy and fit life
  • Warm ups: Make it a habit to start the day with warm ups. It is important to warm up before starting any workout and cool down after the regime to prevent injuries
  • Eat healthy: Food plays a vital role in keeping the physical and psychological system healthy. Eating nutritionally sound food, balanced diet and avoid junk food is important to maintain a healthy life. Avoid skipping meals unless recommended
  • Stay hydrated: Water is fundamental for the proper working of the body. Make sure to drink water at regular intervals throughout the day
Dr. Ramesh N R
Executive Consultant
Department of Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation
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