Treatment For Breast Cancer

One type of cancer that develops in the breast tissues is breast cancer. These cancerous cells typically develop in lobules or ducts. The likelihood of developing breast cancer is the same for both men and women.

Treatment for breast cancer

A treatment strategy should be determined in large part by the stage of the breast cancer, the extent of its metastasis, and the size of the tumor. The doctor will first ascertain the size, stage, and grade of the cyst as well as other information about your malignancy. Once the specifics are known, they will talk about the best course of action; surgery is typically the best course of action for breast cancer. The majority of women also receive additional therapies such hormone therapy, targeted therapy, chemotherapy, or radiation.


Here are a few of the common surgical options for treating breast cancer:

  • Breast Conservation Surgery- The breast is left intact after a lumpectomy, which entails removing the tumor and any contaminated surrounding tissues.

  • Mastectomy- In a mastectomy, the entire breast tissue is removed along with addressing the axillary lymph node.

  • Sentinel Node Biopsy- Sentinel node biopsy entails the removal of a few lymph nodes that have been impacted by the tumor so that the malignant cells can be examined. Complete axillary clearance is done of Sentinel Nodes that are found to be positive for cancer.

  • Axillary Lymph Node Dissection- If the Sentinel node biopsy-extracted lymph nodes are found to be cancerous, the oncologist will need to remove additional lymph nodes.

  • Radiation Therapy- High-powered beams are utilized in radiation therapy to target and eradicate the cancer cells responsible for the breast tumour. External beam radiation, which uses a significant technique on the outside of the body, will be used in the majority of treatments.

  • Hormone Therapy- The oncologist will advise hormone therapy if your breast cancer is hormone-sensitive. Estrogen and progesterone, two essential female hormones, promote the development of breast cancer tumors. Hormone treatment slows or stops the progression of cancer by blocking the body's production of the hormones in question and also prevent reoccurrence in same breast as well as contralateral breast.

  • Chemotherapy and Targeted Therapy- Some drugs are made to target aberrations or mutations in cancer cells. For instance, Herceptin is used to prevent the body from producing the HER2 protein, which is necessary for the growth of breast cancer cells. By reducing HER2 synthesis, the drug also slows the progression of the cancer.

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