March 19, 2019
Keep Your Eyes Safe This Holi

Holi, the festival of colours is just around the corner . These are some of the effect of colours on eyes and their prevention -

Corneal Abrasions - Granular particles in colours can cause abrasion of cornea There will be severe watering and pain in eyes. Wash eyes gently with water seek urgent advise from an eye surgeon.

Conjunctivitis - Synthetic colours used can cause irritation , redness and watering of eyes. Wash eyes and consult doctor if symptoms persist .

Chemical burns - The commonly used chemicals in colours include copper sulphite for green color, lead oxide in black color, mica granules in gulal etc

These are toxic to the eyes and cause irritation and watering . To prevent this Herbal gulals are now commercially available .Use sun glasses while playing with water colours

Trauma - Can be through a high velocity ballon or stone . It can lead to rupture of eyeball / Retinal detachment . After patching the eye gently the injured person should be taken to an eye doctor immediately .

A few basic precautions can prevent the above mentioned injuries to your and your friends eyes . Play a - SAFE AND HAPPY HOLI