Centre for Mother Care
  • Conventional Gynaecology
  • Gynae-Oncology
  • Assisted-Reproductive Technology such as IVF-ET, ICSI, AH, Sperm and embryo freezing and retrieval
  • Foetal Medicine and Antenatal Care
  • High-risk Obstetrics
  • Labour Management
  • OPD Services and Day Care Services
  • Minimal Access Surgery such as Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy
Centre for Mother Care

  • Advanced Neonatal Care
  • Paediatric Care

The Institute offers highly advanced diagnostic and therapeutic techniques with accurate precision for various obstetrical, gynaecological conditions, neonatal and paediatric care. Foetal Echocardiography: To diagnose foetal cardiac conditions. Colour Doppler Ultrasound: Real-time 4D probe with biopsy guide, surface rendering technology and spatial representation of vascularity helps in diagnosing pelvic anatomical defects, foetal anomalies, highrisk pregnancies and ovarian cancers. Neonatal care: Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for the comprehensive care of the neonatals including monitors, incubators, warmers, LED phototherapy units, C-PAP, ventilators, eye and hearing screening equipments & transport incubator for pre mature babies Paediatric Care: The Paediatric ICU is a well-equipped 8 bedded stateof-the-art facility backed by all Paediatric super specialities.