100% blood components therapy.

Blood transfusion involves the replacement of one or more components of your blood. Be it for surgery or to treat a specific deficiency, blood component therapy aims to correct the deficiency state of any component – RBC, Plasma. Platelets with the safest, well-tested blood components procured by us.

Leukodepleted cellular & Rh, kell pheno matched blood components.

Most common side effect of blood transfusion is the transfusion reaction which causes chills, fever, itching etc. Leukodepleted blood and Rh Phenotyped blood provided by us minimizes these febrile non-hemolytic transfusion reactions, HLA alloimmunizations, platelet refractoriness in patients and prevents transmission of leuckotrophic agents like the EBV and CMV.

Therapeutic Plasma exchange for various indications in neurology, haematology, oncology.

Plasmapheresis is a procedure where an extracorporeal separation of blood components results in a filtered plasma product to remove toxic component of the plasma such as immunoglobulin. Applications of this procedure in

  • Neurology – Gullian Barre Syndrome, Myasthenia Gravis, CIDP
  • Hematology – Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic purpura, Hyperviscosity syndrome, Hemolytic Uremic Syndromes
  • Oncology – Multiple Myeloma, Lymphomas
Therapeutic plasma exchange using specialized filters in ABO mismatch Liver and Kidney transplants.

A blood purification process to rid of pathogenic substances such as viruses, antibodies, immnuecomplexes with use of filters with special membranes that can specifically choose the need for different patient disorder and has been highly effective for patients with organ transplants and immunocompromised status.

Peripheral blood stem cells (PBSC) harvest.

This procedure intends to collect stem cells from your body, which are immature cells that are capable of producing all the other types of cells in the body – RBC, WBC, platelets. These cells are harvested, stored and given back to the patient later should a situation of dire deficiency arises.

Reference Laboratory Services

With the availability of our high-end, state of the art laboratory with technologically advanced machines for better evaluation and precision, our reference laboratory provides clinical aid to hospitals and ambulatory practices outside us. This innovative services has helped strengthen our strategic relationship with other organizations by improving research and quality improvement.

Irregular antibody screening and identification ( 3 Cell Panel ).
  • Extended red cell phenotyping (11 Cell Panel)
  • Platelet cross matching and human platelet antigen
  • Antibody titration of isoagglutinins (anti-A,B) & anti-D
  • Complete serological evaluation of AIHA (AutoImmune Haemolytic Anaemia) cases
  • Adsorption and elution studies
  • Saliva studies for secretor status and to resolve blood grouping discrepancies

We have high-end equipments required for collection processing and storage of blood components. We also have a state-of-theart apheresis technology for plateletpheresis and other apheresis procedures to meet the demand of the oncology, neurology and other critically ill patients.

Full automation for safe blood transfusion: To reduce incidences of human error and consequential transfusion hazards, we have full automation for blood grouping, pre-transfusion testing & viral markers screening (HIV I/II, HBV & HCV). Viral screening of blood donors is done with Vitros 3600 & pre-transfusion testing are done with Gamma Immuco NEO and Column Agglutination Technique (CAT)

Apheresis using Fresenius Kabi: Plateletpheresis, plasma exchange, stem cell harvest, LDL apheresis, Red Cell Exchange, etc are done with fully automatic apheresis platform - COM.TEC

ISBT 128 Barcode: World’s most trusted bar coding system in blood banking is with us.

ID NAT Testing - Most trusted technology in molecular testing of blood donors for HIV, HBV & HCV

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