Shri Jaiprakash Gaur Ji
We aim to promote healthcare to the common masses,
with the growing needs of society by providing quality and affordable healthcare with commitment.
Shri Jaiprakash Gaur Ji Shri Jaiprakash Gaur Ji Our Revered Founder Chairman

Breast Cancer Clinic

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Highlights of Specialized Clinic:

Breast Cancer Clinic
  • Customized treatment plan for individuals on basis of need
  • Most advanced treatment facility of the region
  • Latest diagnostic services for precise detection & treatment
  • Comprehensive team of cancer experts including physicians, surgeons & radiation experts


A healthy heart means a healthy you! We at the Institute of Heart, consider it as our responsibility to offer the most advanced heart treatments at Jaypee Hospital. Our distinguished team of highly experienced cardiologists and cardiac surgeons diagnose and treat a full spectrum of heart conditions from preventive care, comprehensive treatment, complex surgeries to rehabilitation services. test1

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Highlights of Institute:

  • Experienced Team of Cardiologists, Cardiothoracic Surgeons, Cardiac Anaesthetists
  • Collective experience of over 90,000 cardiac surgeries
  • 2 Cath Labs
  • Region’s First Hybrid OT with Biplane Cath Lab
  • Delhi NCR’s one of the most premier institutes for cardiac treatment

Haematology & Bone Marrow Transplant

Our Haematologists offer the best treatments for patients with acute and chronic blood disorders. Bone Marrow Transplant, also known as stem cell transplant is often the only curative option for a number of blood disorders. There have been a number of advances in the field of stem cell therapy, expanding the indications of transplants. Also with the advent of better infection control mechanisms, and advent of reduced intensity or ‘mini’ transplants, this therapy can be offered to older individuals as well. With the techniques of haploidentical or half-matched transplants becoming better, now almost every person in need for a transplant can be offered one.

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Highlights of Department:

  • Best treatments for acute & chronic blood disorders
  • State-of-the-art closed & dedicated BMT Unit
  • Highly advanced Hematopathology services for bone marrow examination, flowcytometery, etc.

Simple to understand and less time consuming preventive health check-ups are very useful in early detection of all types of illnesses and risk factors.

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