Mr JS, a businessman from Jewar (G.B Nagar) met with an RTA on 16th August 2008 in which he sustained a nasty comminuted fracture (fracture with multiple bone pieces) of the lower end of his left thigh bone. He was immediately taken to a Hospital in Ghaziabad where he underwent plate fixation operation.

Unfortunately, the fracture did not unite and even after 1 year he was not able to walk even a few steps. He then underwent operation No 2 in Muzaffarnagar in which the old plate was removed and a new plate was put in place. To add to his plight, this plate got infected for which he underwent Operation No 3 in which the infection was cleaned. He kept on suffering from pain and struggled to walk till 2011.

X Ray taken at that time showed that the fracture had not yet united. At this point in time he underwent operation No 4, in which the plate was exchanged with a new plate and Bone Grafting was done. This improved his condition to a certain degree and he started managing to walk with a walker. However, he never achieved independent walking status and always had some niggling discomfort in his leg. On one sudden day, in July 2017, he developed excruciating pain in his leg and then started limping severely.

This went on for few days but as things were not improving he chose to come to Jaypee Hospital and seek opinion from Dr Sanjay Gupta, Additional Director - Department of Orthopaedics and Joint Replacement. Xray done on that day showed that fracture had still not united and since he was walking with full load being borne by the plate, the screws had snapped and the plate had got detached from the bone.

This was a very distressing news for him. He was in a state of complete emotional breakdown as he had been suffering from this problem for past 9 years with no good end result. There was no choice left but to do another operation. Dr Sanjay Gupta, by his reassuring words, gave him confidence, built up his morale and offered him a surgical intervention, though with a guarded prognosis, for which he readily agreed.

Operation No 5 was carried out by Dr Sanjay Gupta and his team on 7th August 2017 in Jaypee Hospital Noida. This entailed extensive procedure of taking the broken plate and screws out, removing the nonviable part of the bone and then fixing the fracture with a long rod (Distal Femoral Nail) along with Bone Grafting.

Fortunately, the surgery proved to be a miracle for Mr JS, as within 2 months’ time the fracture showed good signs of healing, and in 6 months’ time he started walking independently as the fracture had completely united.

He was extremely pleased, as all his grief of previous 9 years had been alleviated by this one single surgery and till the time of his very recent last review he remained happy, pain free with satisfactory healing and consolidation of the fracture on X ray.

Dr Sanjay Gupta
Department of Orthopaedics & Joint Replacement