Cervical Disc Prolapse and Anterior Cervical Discetomy & Fusion

45 year old male had been having neck pain for last seven years on & off. For Last seven days he developed sharp shooting current like pain going from neck in to right arm. Pain was unbearable, increasing with activity and partially responding to analgesics and physiotherapy. He was having difficulty sleeping as Neck & arm pain increased on lying down.

His MRI showed C56 disc prolaose with nerve compression. Since he was not responding to non operative measures he was offered suregry. He underwent Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion. The surgery was done by minimaly invasive approach from the front of the neck. Surgery was performed under microscope. The disc fragments were removed and replaced with a PEEK spacer filled with bone graft. A titanium plate was applied from C5 to C 6 vertebra. A soft cervical collar was given after surgery. Pt had significant improvement in neck and arm pain post surgery. He was made to sit stand and walk very next and discharged after two days.

Cervical Spine Surgery (ACDF) is a Safe Spine Surgery with very good results

Dr Pramod Saini is Spine specialist at Jaypee Hospital, Noida. He is an expert in managemnt of Slip disc, Sciatica and all Spinal problems.

Dr. Pramod Saini
Senior Consultant
Department of Spine & Deformity Correction