Fatty Liver - Modern Lifestyle Related Epidemic

Fatty liver is a disease in which liver has excessive fat. Fatty liver is seen commonly on routine abdominal ultrasound. Fatty liver is like modern day epidemic. Possibility of fatty liver seen in general population is as high as 25%. This prevalence varies from place to place. We can imagine high prevalence of fatty liver in general public form the fact that many prospective donors, who want to donate part of their liver to their relatives, have been found to have fatty liver on routine screening and eventually needing treatment.

Covid–19 pandemic and treatment of cancer

People who have been recently diagnosed with cancer or are on treatment have concerns regarding continuing treatment of cancer and balancing the risk of getting covid infection versus delay in treatment. We present some of the frequently asked questions related to cancer treatment in Covid times.
If I am suffering from cancer, do I have a higher risk of getting COVID-19 infection?