Malaria is predominant in tropical regions. Usually, this infection erupts during the monsoon season as it provides the ground for mosquito breeding. Factors like humidity, temperature, and rainfall play a significant role in the occurrence of malaria.
Pregnancy is a tricky period. This article will tell you why you are vulnerable to malaria during pregnancy, how you can identify it and what you should do about it. Malaria can lead to complications in the mother and also the baby. Nevertheless, precautions and timely treatment will help you avoid any problems.

Highlights of Department: Opthalmology

  • Fully equipped with state of the art equipment for diagnostic and therapeutic services.
  • All subspecialities of Ophthalmology under one roof.
  • Team of eye surgeons who have been trained at premier institutes of India.
  • Dedicated, modular ophthalmic operation theater with full anaesthetic support for all ages from infancy to elderly.
  • First such comprehensive ophthalmology department in any multispeciality hospital in Noida/Greater Noida
  • Highlights of Institute: Oncology

  • Linac True Beam STx, the most advanced technology, which is 4 times faster with minimum side effects.
  • High-performance Stereotactic Radio Surgery for tumours at inoperable sites.
  • Treatment by a team of highly skilled Cancer Care Specialists (Medical Oncologists, Cancer Surgeons, Radiation Oncologists, Histopathologists, Nuclear Medicine Specialists and Radiologists).
  • High Dose Rate Brachy Therapy Unit
  • Highlights of Institute: Organ Transplant

  • Dedicated & highly experienced team of transplant surgeons & physicians
  • Most affordable in private sector
  • Unprecedented Success Rate in both Kidney & Liver Transplant
  • Successful unmatched blood group liver & kidney transplant
  • Remarkable success in second transplant cases
  • 100% donor safety
  • Successful Paediatric Kidney Transplant
  • Kidney donor’s surgery by Laparoscopy
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