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The Department of Laboratory Medicine at Jaypee Hospital offers a wide range of investigations with special emphasis on delivering high quality reports in accordance with international standards and guidelines to give precise and accurate test results. It is equipped with world-class equipments and facilities and adheres to stringent external and internal quality control parameters of NABL ISO 15189; 2012, CAP and JCI.

The department performs all the basic and advanced tests, using latest techniques and technology and has high class modern infrastructure. The use of fully automated, sophisticated equipments integrated with laboratory and Hospital Information System ensures speedy report delivery. The pneumatic chute system warrants safe and rapid internal transport of samples.

The Laboratory offers home collection services at an affordable cost over a vast area.

The microbiology laboratory has a state of the art, fully automated blood culture system for rapid detection of infectious agents along with their antibiotic sensitivity pattern and plays a specialized role in controlling hospital associated infections.

Our Services

The laboratory is equipped with a fully automated dry chemistry analyzer requiring smallest sample size and offers a wide range of test parameters. More than 11,440 assays are performed with a throughput of 800 tests/ hr. The test menu includes-
  • Routine biochemical tests
  • Hormonal Assays
  • Cancer Markers
  • Therapeutic drug monitoring
  • Special protein assays

The hematology laboratory provides an absolute solution to all hematological diseases including management of complex hematological malignancies. It is equipped with latest machinery including 6 part, fully automated differential counters, coagulation analyzers, ESR equipment and 6 color flow Cytometer. The test menu includes-
  • Anemia diagnosis– CBC, Automated Reticultocyte count, Smear examination, Iron profile, Vitamin profile, Folate levels
  • Hemolytic Anemia– HPLC, Plasma hemoglobin, Sickling test, Urine hemosiderin, Incubated OFT, G6PD assay, Heinz body test, HbH inclusion, HAM/ HEMPAS test
  • Coagulation Lab: Prothrombin time (PT), Activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT), Thrombin time, Fibrinogen levels, D-dimer levels, Mixing studies ,Lupus anticoagulant test, Factor levels, Inhibitor screening and assay.
  • Flow cytometry: Acute leukemia diagnosis, Chronic lymphoproliferative disorders, PNH testing, CD34 cell count for bone marrow transplant, Prognostic myeloma panel, Screening for HLA B-27, CD 3/4 + cell enumerations and MRD studies.
  • Bone marrow examination: Reporting of BMA and BMB, Special staining including iron and reticulin, Immunohistochemistry with wide panel of antibodies, Cytochemistry stains including MPO, SBB, NSE and NASDAC

Histopathology and cytology lab provides comprehensive diagnoses for all tissue pathology specimen and body fluids.
  • General histopathology
  • Oncopathology
  • GI pathology
  • Uropathology
  • Neuropathology
  • Breast pathology
  • Dermatopathology
  • Head and Neck Pathology
  • Gynecology Pathology
  • Soft tissue and Bone Pathology
  • Special stains for all liver, kidney, skin biopsies
  • Immunohistochemistry for body fluids, aspirates and smears
  • FNAC- guided and non-guided
  • Pap smear
  • Liquid based cytology on body fluid/ aspirates
  • Cell block facilities
  • Complete body fluid/ aspirate/ CSF analysis
  • Frozen section on urgent samples for rapid intraoperative diagnosis

The lab is responsible for quantitative, qualitative analysis and interpretation of patient specimens like-
  • Complete urine analysis
  • Stool analysis
  • Semen analysis
  • Occult blood detection in stool

  • Routine and specialized infectious disease diagnostic modalities
  • Automated culture and sensitivity system
  • Comprehensive tuberculosis diagnostic facility
  • Mycology laboratory
  • Enhanced infection control programme

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