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We adhere to evidence based transfusion practices and follow stringent quality control measures in terms of blood donation, testing of blood products and transfusion practices followed by a well-defined quality management system.
We strive to be the premier provider of blood transfusion services through good laboratory practices, utmost donor satisfaction and improved patient care methods.

We have almost all high-end equipments required for blood collection, donation and transfusion procedures that have been selected with an objective to provide the safest possible specific blood and blood components within the shortest possible time to the patients.
We also have a state-of-the-art apheresis technology for plateletpheresis and other apheresis procedures to meet the demand of the oncology, neurology and other critically ill patients.

  • Transfusion diagnostics using latest innovation NEO
    This state-of-the-art instrument optimizes laboratory’s workflow by fully automating workload with trusted technologies and has the performance power to deliver the broadest Immuno-haematology test menu.
  • Apheresis using COM.TEC
    The COM.TEC blood cell separator representing a state-of-the-art apheresis technology is an easy to operate device focused on donor, patient and operator safety. It offers reliable technology with camera-controlled interface management for highly efficient procedures. Its versatile applications for therapeutic plasma or red cell exchange, stem cell as well as platelet collections and cell depletions with only one device make the COM.TEC a multi procedural platform.
  • Fully automated blood screening : VITROS 3600
    An Immunoassay based detection of parovirus using Abott to reduce the transmission risk through contaminated blood or plasma serum, this 3D robotic sample handler with key assay performance uses flexible chemiluminiscence technology for antigen-antibody reaction detection. This advanced machine generates the output of upto 100 test/hour and takes shortest time for TAT (Thrombin – AntiThrombin) assay.

Our Services

Fully automatic component separation facility

  • Fully automatic apheresis platform for plateletpheresis
  • Leukodepleted cellular blood components
  • ID-NAT (Individual Donor Nucleic Acid Testing): ID-NAT is a method of testing blood that is used for viral screening of blood donors. This test is more sensitive than conventional serology tests that require the presence of antibodies to trigger a positive test result & transfusion safety leading to a significant decrease in residual risk for HIV-1, HCV & HBV.
  • Reference Laboratory Services: We have a reference centre for advanced immuno-haematology and platelet serology tests providing advanced work-ups for patients all over India. The various tests performed in reference laboratory are:
    – Direct & Indirect Antiglobulin testing (DAT & IAT)
    – Irregular antibody screening and identification ( 3 Cell Panel)
    – Extended red cell phenotyping (11 Cell Panel)
    – Platelet cross matching and human platelet antigen
    – Antibody titration of isoagglutinins (anti-A,B) and anti-D
    – Complete serological evaluation of AIHA (Auto-Immune Haemolytic Anaemia) cases
    – Adsorption and elution studies
    – Saliva studies for secretor status and to resolve blood grouping discrepancies
  • Therapeutic Plasma exchange for various indications in neurology, haematology, oncology etc.
  • Therapeutic plasma exchange using specialized filters in ABO mismatch Liver and Kidney transplants. It is a patient friendly cost effective procedure.
  • Peripheral blood stem cells (PBSC) harvest for various conditions like multiple myeloma, AML, thallassemia etc.
  • Therapeutic Red Cell Exchange in sickle cell anemia and high parasite load in malaria cases
  • Rare procedures like Therapeutic Thrombacytapheresis, Automatic Red Cell Depletion, LDL-Apheresis

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