A 50-day-old, 3.8kg baby was evaluated in our OPD for a systolic murmur. The infant had a history of poor sucking and excessive sweating while feeding. At the time of evaluation, the baby was irritable and a grade 3/6 systolic murmur was heard at the aortic area. Echocardiography revealed severe valvar aortic stenosis with peak Doppler gradient of 100mmHg and mean gradient of 80mmHg across the aortic valve. LV function was normal. The aortic valve annulus was measured to be 8.5mm in diameter. Balloon dilatation of aortic valve was carried out under general anaesthesia using a TyshakII balloon 7mmx2cm. The annulus to balloon ratio was set at 0.9. Post dilatation, the gradient across the aortic valve dropped to 35mmHg with no aortic incompetence. Post procedure, the patient was discharged after 24 hours.